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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Glass A Day

Dedicated as I am to maintaining my arterial health, I've taken to drink the requisite glass of wine a day, though I am not especially fond of the stuff. Of more interest to me is the literature on the subject. Possessed as I am of a tin palate (a blessing actually) I am easily amused by most of the wine reviews I read. Though there is a 100% certainty I'll never try any of the wines mentioned in Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide 6th Edition (Simon & Schuster, 2002), I couldn't resist purchasing this book when it turned up at a discount price at Costco. Originally published at $60, it's unlikely to sell well at Costco even at a $11.99 remainder price since most of the wines discussed are from 2000 or earlier and no doubt quite pricey.

One can turn to most any page and find interesting flavors that Parker can detect in these no doubt very complex wines. There is little doubt that Parker has the most sensitive taste of any living being, but I'm not sure of some of these flavors -- quartz, stones, asphalt, gravel, tar, chalk, and buttered popcorn (to name just a few of the odder variants).

In my own case, I decided that in the interest of enhancing the elasticity of my arteries (what wine will supposedly do for you) I'd at least make an effort to find something I liked even if I couldn't detect all these fabulous tasting features. And so I started buying up various wines and pitted them against each other, eliminating the loser while letting the winner go on to fight another worthy candidate. I set $20 as the upper limit for a bottle and was only a little surprised that price had almost nothing to do with likeability. After almost a year of this I was truly shocked (but happy) to find that my favorite wine sold for the pauperly sum of $6.49 a bottle. The wine is Rosemount Estate Shiraz Cabernet and it vanquished everything in sight including a couple of higher priced Rosemount wines.

I may have to finish reading Elin Mc Coy's The Emperor of Wine: The Rise of Robert M. Parker Jr. and the Reign of American Taste (Harper Collins, 2005) to see if there is any hope of training my seemingly simple taste buds. I read a few chapters of the book and found it rather interesting but as usual got sidetracked by another book.


Blogger Bill said...

Too bad Dr Pepper doesn't work.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Frank Denton said...

Nowhere do I detect that vocabulary used by wine experts. You know, woodsy, bouquet, etc. Glad you found one that you like. Did you try Mogen David, Thunderbird, Rossi's jug wine? Just kidding. When are you going to sample single malt Scotch?

9:06 PM  

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