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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

100,000 CDs!!!

Music has always been a big part of my life but I'm sure I'll never amass anywhere near 100,000 CDs. One person who did though was legendary Radio One DJ John Peel who is shown in the January 2006 issue of Uncut, standing in front of a wall of music, a "small part of his 100,000 + record collection."

Here's how the magazine describes his annual ritual of picking the year's best music: "Each November, as the nation's thoughts turn to unrepeatable Christmas discounts, and the office-party death squads ready themselves for another season of drinking and driving, I commit myself to three or four weeks of serious tedium by inviting listeners to my Radio One programmes to write listing their favourite tracks of the year. About 5,000 of the scoundrels oblige, thereby condemning me to nights in an ill-lit corner of the scullery entering their votes in a ledger. At the end of this proto-Dickensian routine, we have what we call, I fear, the Festive 50."

In honor of Peel's untimely death a year ago, Uncut magazine presents in the January issue's free CD JOHN PEEL'S FESTIVE 15, fifteen tracks from previous Peel selections. My favorite is 1986's The Trumpton Riots by Half Man Half Biscuit. With a name like that, does the music really matter?

In the same issue of the magazine is a review of Peel's autobiography (his wife actually wrote 230 pages to Peel's 160 -- when he died he had only reached the early 60s). The title is Margrave of the Marshes and I have no clue as to where that comes from. One thing though is eminently clear -- Peel truly loved music and was one-of-a-kind.

Though I'll never amass a collection that could compare with Peel's I wonder if he were still alive what he would think of all the live music that is being made available. I just found out that I can download enough live music that if the discs were stretched end to end they'd run from New Jersey to a point somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Thankfully my technical ineptitude and impatience have kept me from figuring out the arcane downloading procedure, so for the moment at least I'm safe and there's no need yet to add another shift at the blank CD factory.


Blogger Bill said...

I think you could get to 100,000 if you really tried.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Frank Denton said...

I'm feeling awfully good about learning how to put two or three shows off of an MP3 and copying them to a CD. Works great for playing old time radio in the car. But I'm told that you can now get an MP3 player installed in your car. I don't think I'll reach 100,000 but I've got one wall full of CDs and twenty feet of cabinet with LPs.

8:48 PM  

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