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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Trouble in Book Vault #67

My tours of my book holdings have temporarily been suspended because my basement now looks like the lair of a madman (which of course it is). After emptying out book vault #67 (just a slight exaggeration) I now find virtually every foot of space (and there's quite a bit of territory there) covered with books and magazines. Since I still haven't been able to determine the source of the water (no visible leaks in pipes and it hadn't rained in two weeks before the event) I have held off moving the books back.

One thing came out of this adventure though. Although a lot of books were marginally affected, a few that I didn't want to throw away got pretty wet. If you put them outside in the sun, you can bring them back to life (they won't look pretty though) and they won't have any dreaded mold. You've just got to make sure they get plenty of air (a couple I had in a box did get moldy) and they'll be just fine. One last word of advice: don't drag this process on for more than a month or so. My wife finally got tired of looking at the books and magazines sitting under my porch (needing only another airing or two) and threw them out one day. The biggest loss was about five thousand pages of stuff I had xeroxed over the last couple of years. Actually the ones I'm gonna miss most are the articles from The New England Journal of Medicine. Yeah, I guess I am a madman.


Blogger Bill said...

Yes, I guess you are. But you're my kind of madman.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Meyerson said...

Bill, having seen the scene of the crime I can now confirm that book vault 67 is only a slight exaggeration. This is a VERY impressive house and I'm betting you (Bill) could take all your books out of storage and fit them in Andy's basement.

8:41 AM  

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