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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Discounts Make the Heart Grow Fonder

It would be easy to cure my "book problem." If only Barnes & Noble and Borders (to mention nothing of The Strand) would only cooperate. If only all books were sold at full list price. That is my dream but it doesn't look likely that we'll ever see that scenario again. The economy is in the toilet and isn't coming out anytime soon (if ever). The fact that the yield on the ten year treasury note is almost three-quarters of a point below what I can get on a five year CD is an ominous sign indeed.

I'm trying to remember the last book I bought at full retail and I can't. It's been a long long time. I can't even remember the last book I bought at 10% off with my Barnes & Noble Reader's Advantage card. I will buy a book though when they throw in an additional 10 % off (20% off total) but 25% off is better and when Borders sends out those 30% off coupons, well I've just got to help the cause if they're being that generous. I'm a sucker for 50% off at the Strand and don't even get me started about those dollar books at the Strand annex. I got a momentary good feeling there the other day when a rather normal looking young lady fairly zipped through the dollar tables pulling out five or six books to my every one. I kind of felt like the guys at the Indy 500 trying to figure out how an attractive young lady could leave them in the dust. For a moment I thought of questioning her about her purchases (she had 200 or so books put aside in mere minutes) but I was afraid she'd tell me she was buying them for resale. Better to delude myself that there was somebody worse off with dollar books. Far far worse off.

Borders had no sooner finished pumping up their second quarter revenue with a end of June 30% off a book offer when they came up with a way to give the third quarter an opening jolt. When you bought a book at 30% off, you got a coupon good in July for 25% off a DVD. How sick is that? And why am I even telling you this since everybody is probably falling victim to these consumer traps.


Blogger Frank Denton said...

How sick is that? Are you crazy? I took advantage of both the 30% off a book and the 25% off the CD. Yeh. Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers.

So are you waiting with bated breath for the new Harry Potter. 40% off of that pre-ordered.

5:18 PM  
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