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Thursday, July 21, 2005

All Things KONG!

A couple of months back I glanced at a copy of a new book on King Kong. The book in question, Kong: King of Skull Island is considered to be a prequel/sequel to the 1932 book King Kong. The work of author/illustrator Joe DeVito, it was a pretty impressive book and I think I decided to see if I could find a review copy at the Strand at 50% off. I then promptly forgot about the book, not having noticed a copy at the Strand. Then, the other night, I'm flipping through the high definition channels to see what's on and come across some previews of coming attractions on the Universal high definition channel. The first one, called (I think) The 40 Year Old Virgin, looks mildly interesting. Then, it is followed up by a trailer that has you riveted to your seat. It took a little while (no I didn't need to see the ape) before I realized it was for King Kong. My first impression as the trailer started was that this is a movie I've just got to see. Quite an endorsement indeed since I can't remember the last movie I've seen, preferring instead to wait until they appear on the dish, hopefully on one of the high definition channels. I have vowed to watch only movies in IMAX theatres but I'll gladly break that vow to see King Kong. It looks to be that spectacular.

Now, I'm warning you. Whatever you do, don't venture near the website. Unless of course you've got a lot of time to spare.


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