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Monday, October 11, 2004

Who Wants My Vote?

It's highly unlikely you'll ever find much of a political (or religious) nature here, but just this one time I can't resist. I have a very selfish request and I'm willing to trade my vote for it. I'm looking for a candidate who is willing to ban books. Not specific books, mind you -- I'm looking for someone who will outlaw the ownership of all books. You see I've tried countless attempts to stop buying books and all of them have failed. I'm firmly convinced now that only in a modified Fahrenheit 451 society would I have any success in kicking the book habit. Don't get me wrong though -- I don't want to see books burned. I think the solution would be that if you couldn't own books, you'd have to rely on libraries and they would then have a larger selection of books to choose from. After all, this is the way it was in good old Ben Franklin's time, and he didn't seem to suffer for it. Actually, if I could get any book I wanted from the library, I wouldn't feel the need to buy them. I'd even be willing to pay a hefty membership fee for the privilege but I guess I'm in the minority.

Since neither of these guys would probably be willing to ban books, I guess I'm going to have to find some other method of disqualifying one of them. Right now, I'm leaning towards eliminating Bush. It's not that I don't believe in war. Hell, I think there are some people for whom the death penalty is too good. Yes, call me barbaric but I firmly believe there are a few select people who should be tortured before they're sent on their way to terrorist heaven.

No, the real reason I'm probably going to vote for Kerry is that I don't feel any sort of kinship with Bush -- I don't think he's a book person. It's unlikely he'll ever do anything that will reflect favorably on the world of literature. I'm not even sure he reads books. It doesn't seem like he's ever read his father's book, and if he did, he scares me even more because he doesn't seem to have learned anything from it.

I never thought I'd say this, but the only guy who would make me feel safe at night is Pat Buchanan. I think he would bring to the government something that is conspicuously missing -- accountability. But that's a whole nother story, and please don't get me started on it.


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