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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Vanishing Books!

If you read Nicholson Baker's wonderful Double Fold, you know that books are disappearing from libraries at an alarming rate. I had only thought that we were talking about large libraries, but noooooo, as it turns out they're disappearing from my little local town library as well. As I was leaving the library last week, I noticed a sign on the door: BOOK SALE. Unable to resist, I found my way back to the reference room where the sale books were located. I was shocked to find a copy of zen master Alan Watts' biography In My Own Way (Pantheon Books, 1972) in the discard pile. Almost as shocking was Robert Taylor's Fred Allen: His Life and Wit, a choice 1989 biography of the radio funnyman. Surely this was a mistake. These are not the type of books one normally finds in a library book sale. They really should be back on the shelves.

I also found a copy of Barry Eisler's Hard Rain (Putnam, 2003), the second book in the well received series about Japan based freelance hit man, John Rain. His first book, Rain Fall, was a Publisher's Weekly Best Novel of 2002, a book about which James Ellroy said: "a hypnotically hip resurrection of the hit-man thriller. It's got it all: dazzling plot, deft characterization, beaucoup originality." Surely somebody would be looking for this book and would be disappointed not to find it.

I also found Ellery Queen's Book of First Appearances (The Dial Press, 1982), a collection of the first story appearances by twenty-five famous names in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Why would you discard a book like this?

How about Louis L'Amour's Education of a Wandering Man (Bantam Books, 1989)?
At first I thought these books were probably being discarded because of lack of space. When I went to the place where the Zen and Buddhism books were shelved, I was sad to find that a zen book that I really wanted was GONE! (having evidently been discarded earlier when I wasn't looking). Since the shelf was only half full, and they weren't adding many books of this nature, the space consideration didn't seem to make sense. I finally concluded that maybe it was the fact that these books hadn't been checked out lately that doomed them. The last due date on the L'Amour bio was 2/1/99, the Watts book was 4/24/00, and the Fred Allen was 9/21/98.

Whatever the reason for their deaccessioning, I was glad to get them. The price: 25 cents each or 6 for a dollar. Good books for sixteen and two-thirds cents a pop. Unbelievable!!!


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