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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stop Me Before I Buy Another Book!

Although my life is already hopelessly out of control, I've decided it's high time I jumped on the blog bandwagon and gave it a shot. I initially thought of calling this "A Day in the Life" since it'll probably include some of the minutae of my day, but decided that the main thrust will probably be about my adventures in collecting, or, more specifically, my failed attempts to stop collecting. At the present moment since my biggest problem seems to be my inability to stop buying books, I even seriously thought of calling this "Stop Me Before I Kill, er ... Buy Another Book", but decided that title, although accurate, might be just a tad too unwieldly. Future posts will probably include confessions about my book buying, my latest strategy to stop buying books, and, occasionally, when I'm not moving books around, I might actually get to a review or two. Stay tuned!