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Friday, October 08, 2004

All Things Irish

Well, I'm just about two-thirds of the way through Matthew Hart's The Irish Game: A True Story of Crime and Art (Walker & Company, 2004), an interesting book about one of the world's greatest art heists pulled off by a most unlikely criminal mastermind, a Dublin gangster named Martin Cahill (nickname: The General) who drove the Irish police crazy as they tried in vain to recover the paintings. Of course there are a lot of Irish place names mentioned so I finally got to pull out my copy of The Encyclopedia of Ireland edited by Brian Lalor (Yale University Press, 2003), a 1218 page doorstop which sits on a shelf next to The Encyclopedia of New York which sits next to The Encyclopedia of Surfing (I'll quit while I'm ahead lest you think I'm crazy but I do have a penchant for specialized encyclopedias). One need look no further than some of the familar names of Ireland's counties to be put under a spell -- Limerick, Tipperary, Wicklow, Galway, Kerry (!), Londonderry, Kilkenny, Cork, and so on. Almost makes me want to hop on a plane bound for the Emerald Isle where a week would certainly result in a self renewal. That is, of course if I wasn't so afraid of flying. Paging through the Ireland book made me think of another reference book I purchased recently -- The Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names by A.D. Mills (Oxford University Press, 2003), where one can find enchanting places like Christmas Common and Port Sunlight. On a similar note, I almost bought a book of California place names but hesitated just long enough so that when I came back for it a couple days later it was blessedly gone and I didn't have to try to resist it. P.S. The Irish Game has its own web site --


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